Oh, the Places You'll Go!

By: Brad Formsma

Commencement speeches are full of advice for new grads, "Put on sunscreen. Lean in. Say yes!" Some speeches share career tips while others preach "Oh the places you'll go." While these messages are important and inspirational, I think there is a secret to success for each and every graduate that brings far greater joy than they have yet to imagine. Live for others and you will accomplish your wildest dreams.

Research shows that people who are more generous are healthier and more successful in their careers and with relationships. Living generously fills your life with joy and purpose and is actually simple once you open your heart. People who are generous in the workplace advance further and often make more money. 

There's a catch. The kind of generosity I'm talking about is not "pay it forward" because someone was kind to you, the kind I'm talking about is being available and excited to meet the needs of others when it's your idea. Seek people that you can serve, with your words, time, energy, thought, things, money and so much more. 

You! Yes I'm talking to you! You can accomplish great things in your life both professionally and personally. The world is your oyster, Oh the places you'll go! Be sure as you're going wherever it is you will go, you look out for those who you can bless. In the end, you'll also be blessing yourself.