Drew Formsma is widely known as a voice to his generation and a peer who can communicate with them unlike any adult. He began speaking with his dad in 2016 at the age of fourteen to audiences of tens of thousands of people around the world on the simple idea that generosity is the key to a better life. Drew lives in Southern California with his family and has set his sights on playing the top 100 golf courses in America by the age of forty.

Everyday Generosity




Drew and Brad take parents and their kids on a fun ride into a whole new lifestyle: the lifestyle of generosity. Providing tangible takeaways to become more others-focused, they teach parents and kids alike simple actions that will make a big impact in families everywhere. Your family doesn’t have to live in a selfie world and with Everyday Generosity you have the power to change it!

It doesn’t matter what age you are; you can always live generously and be others-focused.
— Drew Formsma