Brad's Story

Brad's story began at a young age, inspired by his grandfather to open his eyes and see the needs of the people around him. Fast-forward a few years, and Brad has committed his life to making the world a better place, one giving story at a time.

Brad is the author of I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life and the creator of I Like Giving is a movement which inspires people to live generously through short stories and films. Brad is an expert in generosity and has dedicated the last decade of his career to this work. I Like Giving films have been viewed over 26 million times in more than 170 countries. Beyond the films, Brad and the I Like Giving team works with organizations, churches and individuals to change lives by teaching the art and science of generosity. Brad and his wife, Laura, have three children and live in Southern California.

Brad is a dynamic and engaging speaker that has been invited to speak in numerous organizations all over the country.